Sakthi Group of Companies

Warm welcome to you, We introduce to you our MANAGING DIRECTOR  founder Mr K.Elumalai, our Managing Director, began his career asociating himself with the top technical Team and was greatly benefited by the exposure he had from THE HINDU –the reputed daily newspaper organisation, in Chennai.

From the year 1994, starting from manual strpping ,old technique of plate making, film output , drumscanner, image setter , Ctp Service he developed a desire to start on his own.

In 2000 Mr K.Elumalai established his own Printing Press and since then our own printshop is equipped with 4 Machines of Multicolour offset printing , ctp , and full setup of Post Press unit .

Mr K.Elumalai is fully conversant with all techniques as an expert in the field of Printing and Technology with international exposure and he is a much sought- after Consultant Technician in the industry.

Mr K.Elumalai is a widely travelled Industrialist, having visited personally many Printing Machinery Manufacturers Factories and workshops in Japan and Germany on their personal invitation for consultation and technical advice.

Mr K.Elumalai had also participated in many national and International Printing Fairs and is updated with the knowledge of latest technological improvement and advancement in the international Printing Industry.

SAKTHI GROUP Company Profile Activities.

M/s. Sakthi group Company is well known in the Printing Industry for over three decades with our services being found reliable, acceptable and appreciated by our customers. We are dedicated and devoted in making available our services and expertise for the benefit of our customers based on Quality and Customer Satisfaction which is the open secret of our success in the industry earning for our group company a renowned reputation of reliability, dependability and as an ultimate solution to connected problems.

Sakthi Print Solution are equipped with the latest technology,infrastructure and highly skilled work force to meet all the demands for Printing Machines and Requirements from Prepress, Printing and Post Press from world wide trading as an ONE STOP SOLUTION SPOT

Mr K.Elumalai

* Founder of Sakthi Group of Companies. Being a Professional Printer he provides the best technical know-how on various types of machinery used in the Printing Industry as he has vast expedrience with such machines. Sakthi Group is specialised in appraisal and study of the end user’s requirement in respect of the printing machinery dealt with, having been in the industry fully conversant with the various changing processes at each and every stage, until delivery to the full satisfaction of the buyer,in selecting the necessary equipment at most economical cost aspect. Various alternatives are suggested to suit the interested buyer’s financial limit and the plan, budget and estimation.

* Sakthi Printeck is a reputed and renowned Printing organisation known in the Printing and Publication industry as a reliable and beneficial unit and popular institution rendering high quality printing services to their clients, within the time prescribed.

WE remain always at the disposal of any existing or new customer offering our best services and are contactable at all times for consultation, guidance and assistance to promote their interests most economically.

Our business record as on date:

* We have executed purchase and sale of more than 300 machines, maximum young machines all colours,1/c,2/c ,4/c ,5/c Special Machines of all brands Particularly KomoriLithrone, Mitsubhishi, Heidelberg, Shinohora, Ryobi , Sakurai oliver and other brands too.

We are proud that we have also sold many heatset Web Machines to leading News Paper and Magazine Printers which includes many of which, we would name a few , such as.

M/s. Lokmat Press at Aurangabath and Gujarat

M/s. Herald Publisher at Goa,

M/s. Samba Publication at Dindigal,

M/s. Geethanjali Press at Bangalore,

Lavanya Mudhrana and Kaveri Press at Bangalore etc.,.

Our Managing Director, Mr K.Elumalai being an internationally widely traveled businessman has been invited for physical Machinery Inspection, selection and approval, for trading purposes and for certifying the fitness for end use by the interested traders who sell and purchase.

Imports of highly sophisticated printing machinery units are effected only after the personal physical inspection and approval of Mr K.Elumalai for the suitability of the machinery for the end use in INDIA, and fixation of the price matching the services provided by such machinery in keeping with international standards and based on competitive price index in the highly competitive printing industry.

Many Printing and Publishing organisations involved in large scale printing business, use such advanced printing machinery and equipment and are benefited by the technical advice and guidance of Mr K.Elumalai, a specialist in this field.

We are always at the disposal of our customers and clientele who look to us for support and guidance in the upkeep and maintenance of sophisticated machinery, and continued good performance of the printing machinery and whenever required, we organise supporting them wiith timely supply of the necessary and relevant spare parts, replacements and additional gadgets to improve the performance of the machinery procured through our assistance.

We are in this industry for many decades and have a good support and rapport with many nationaised, scheduled and privately managed financial institutions including banks and organise loan facility, suggesting and assisting with requisite securities as may be demanded and required by the financial institutions including banks and organisations through our contacts for mutual benefit.

We provide back to back support to the customers and clients in respect of their needs for update of the machinery and enhanced performance and organise disposal of the used units for proper replacements as and when demands of the situation warrant the same.

Managing Director : Mr K.Elumalai

Director : Mrs. E. Banumathi.