What is Press Inspection Report?

Press Inspection Report is given for the machines which are relocated from one place to another place.

Why is Press Inspection Report required?

Now a days demand for second sale or pre owned printing presses is very high due to increase of Euro and US$ rate. After a press was sold and re installed, lot of new problems are coming up which will increase cost of the machine due to replacement of defective spare parts. To avoid such upcoming expenses, buyer need to check the machine before a press is finalized and dismantled.

Print’o’Care provides Press Inspection Report (PIR) after checking thorough health of the machine. The Inspection Report will include following parameters.

Print Quality – Dot gain evaluation, Registration, Health of rollers Dampening Test, etc

Functions of Parts – All external parts like cam followers, Pneumatic pistons, Transfer jackets, Impression cylinder, Grippers and their conditions, Ink zone motors, Dampening circulation system, Spray powder system, other peripheral units like Air Star, Dry Star, Coating Star and so on will be checked and detailed analyzed report will be given based on machine health and performance.

To get a PIR – Press Inspection Report for a machine, please feel free to cantact us….